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Barack Obama Letter to the Americans

After eight years in the White House, the review approach for Barack Obama. The outgoing US president, who leaves office January 20, has defended, on Thursday, in a letter to citizens the work under its double mandate, including the Obamacare as Republican successor Donald Trump intends to repeal. reports that the White House released this missive to the president accompanied by each Department reports on the progress made since the arrival in power of Barack Obama, in 2008, while the world’s leading economy was on the brink of depression.

“As I prepare to pass the baton and do my duty as a citizen, I am proud to say that we have built a new foundation for America”, written the 44th American president. Among the main achievements of his Administration, he cited the recovery of the U.S. economy, the reduction of military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, a clear reduction of dependence on foreign oil and the Paris agreement on the climate.

What will Happen with Obamacare?


Obamacare was harshly attacked during the presidential campaign, while insurance premiums have increased and that several insurers matter withdrew Government contracts created by reform. But some elements of the reform are still popular, such as the provisions forbidding insurers to deny coverage in citing previous conditions or allowing children to continue the family up to coverage age 26 years.

Despite the political risk, the Republicans seem determined to turn the page of Obamacare, in the image of Paul Ryan, easily re-elected Tuesday to the Presidency of the House of representatives, which has put on, early 2016, a present system as “less restrictive”. . However, this new mechanism remains unclear, and the difficulty for Republicans will be to offer a credible alternative.


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